MOTIVATE! study focuses on keeping pregnant and breastfeeding women in HIV treatment

There has been a remarkable increase in the number of HIV-positive pregnant women receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART) around the world. However, there are still challenges to make sure women stay in treatment and to reduce transmission of HIV to infants. There is an urgent need to investigate effective, affordable and sustainable approaches to ensure women and children receive continuous treatment.

A FACES-affiliated study called MOTIVATE! is based in south western Kenya, the area with the highest prevalence of HIV. The study aims to address key gaps in understanding what interventions are most successful in promoting long-term care for mothers. MOTIVATE! uses two approaches:

  • visits with community mentor mothers, women living with HIV who have recent pregnancy experience and will promote sticking with ART and returning for HIV care visits;
  • text messages that emphasize sticking with ART and reminders to return for clinic visits.

The study is examining the efficacy of using one or both of these approaches. The main outcomes are women’s consistent use of ART and return for HIV care visits over the 12-month postpartum period.