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FACES kicks off 2022 with a new direction and focus on training, education, and research, hence the new name. FACES is looking forward to continued collaboration with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), the Kenyan Ministry of Health (MOH), and other local partners to together improve health and well-being for underserved populations. A New Year. A new FACES. Fostering Advances through Collaboration, Education & Sciences. See the AIDS Research Institute (ARI) Special Issue commemorating FACES

FACES is building a healthy future for underserved populations in partnership with the local Ministry of Health in western Kenya and global stakeholders. 

FACES has a long history of collaboration with the local Ministry of Health in western Kenya, building systems and capacity for sustainable HIV service delivery and research since 2004.  Now in 2022, we are entering a new phase as Fostering Advances through Collaboration, Education & Sciences (FACES*). Our partnership with the local Ministry of Health continues with a focus on collaboration, training, education, and research to improve health outcomes and well-being for underserved populations. 

FACES is working ensure that people get the health care services and resources they need to stay healthy, regardless of HIV status. Our approach consists a two-pronged strategy: conducting medical and social research to improve high quality health services and building capacity through local training and global partnerships.

*formerly Family AIDS Care and Education Services (2004-2021)