Showcasing MIND study’s work on improving mental health

October 15, 2018
FACES-affiliated research on the mental health impact of gender-based violence (MIND study) will be featured at an upcoming National Institute of Health (NIH) meeting on Sex and Gender Influences on the Adolescent Brain and the Mental Health of Young Women on October 26th.  Dr. Susan Meffert, (UCSF...

Community stakeholders in Obunga praise Community Health Initiative

September 12, 2018
With local Obunga leadership collaboration, the Community Health Initiative (CHI) was able to effectively mobilize and implement community health campaigns across the informal settlement in Kisumu County.  CHI recently held a community stakeholder meeting on August 30th to appreciate community...

“State of the County” address highlights commitment to health care

September 07, 2018
This week, Kisumu County Governor Prof. Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o delivered the annual state of the county address to report back on progress on a 10-point agenda for development. One of the county’s priorities is “ensuring a healthy population living in a clean environment.”

Increasing men’s involvement in preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission

August 08, 2018
Pediatric HIV infection remains a major public health challenge in sub-Saharan Africa. Most children with HIV acquire it from their mothers during pregnancy, birth or breastfeeding.

New study to explore challenges for perinatally-infected adolescents

August 07, 2018
This Adolescent Cohort Evaluation (ACE) study will examine the HIV care engagement status, health status, and HIV care preferences among perinatally infected adolescents.

FACES Sets the Stage for Kisumu County Ministry of Health

August 07, 2018
The partnership between KEMRI and UCSF prepares to transition adolescent health centers to Kisumu County Ministry of Health

FACES-affiliated research at 22nd International AIDS Conference

July 20, 2018
FACES researchers will be sharing their work at the 22nd International AIDS Conference in Amsterdam July 23-27.

Peer educators provide patients the support they need to stay healthy

July 17, 2018
Providing patients with the psychosocial support they need to stay healthy and in care is a FACES priority. This week, we're training and deploying 88 peer educators to bolster patient support.