Helping families in need

Historic heavy rains hit Kisumu County a few months ago, leaving a trail of destruction. Hundreds of families were displaced and had to seek shelter in make shift camps at schools, churches and chiefs’ offices, our patients were not spared. Homes were destroyed and livestock, food produce, and belongings were washed away. At FACES we made sure patients affected by the floods had their medication and we provided as much support as could to support their critical needs. One of our patient’s, a 51-year old widow, is the sole breadwinner for a large family. Her house was completely swept away. She and her family were forced to move to school camp. She received a food basket, kitchen utensils, toiletries and a mattress to assist her as she begins to rebuild her life back home. “I am grateful to the organization for thinking about my wellbeing”. We wish our community the best as they rebuild.